Defined as an individual that built a large social following based on more traditional, often ‘offline’ activities. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, Beyonce, Gordon Ramsay, Justin Timberlake. Marketers typically choose to work with celebrities for their wider recognition, greater reach, and will often sacrifice engagement in favor of reach. 


An individual that has amassed a large audience (usually around one million across multiple social channels), and has gained popularity as a result of their persona or the creative content they produce. Brands working with macro-influencers select a few and use paid media to extend the reach of their efforts.


A person with less than 100K followers who typically has a committed and engaged community of followers, providing marketers the opportunity to target a specific niche or audience with their message. 


A new tier of influencer, nano influencers typically have 1-5K followers, and their content closely reflects their subject matter expertise. 

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