Sylo monitors multiple variables for authorized Instagram accounts including (but not limited to) analyzing the growth and variance of followers, as well as Like and Comment behavior at the post level for each creator. 

For example, follower growth rates vary from Influencer to Influencer and by account size. Sylo analyzes the follower variance regardless of size to identify accounts that have growth anomalies. An influencer may gain or lose followers over time, but abnormal shifts in followers are identified by Sylo. 

Additionally, Sylo also analyzes Likes and Comments throughout the life of an Instagram post. Robotic and purchased Likes have distinct patterns as a post evolves. By actively collecting post data from start to finish, Sylo is able to recognize these behavior anomalies. 

For the above examples, we would then categorize each anomaly, such as a "giveaway" (in which an influencer offers free goods in exchange for liking past posts and/or tagging people not currently following the influencer). This tactic is most often used to boost follower growth, although can also be used to increase average likes and comments per post. 

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