Who We Are

We are the emerging leader in the social marketing space, providing third-party measurement and analytics. We value control over who has permission to view your data. Transparency on how you are being evaluated by brand partners helps to build better longer-term relationships with brands that support your content career.  


  • A core value to Sylo is doing things the right way, which means only after we gain permission to view your data, do we view your data. 
  • Data is collected in a read-only format (meaning we don’t have the ability to make edits, or post on your behalf). We do not share this data with outside parties without your consent. 
  • Sylo cannot see personal information, make changes, or affect the performance of your page or channel on any social platform.
  • The brand sponsor you’re partnering with will only be able to see the campaign data for the posts that you have contracted on (i.e. branded content).


  • Data safety and management.
  • Understand how to improve your reach and engagement.
  • One place for cross platform content analytics. 
  • Ease of reporting. 
  • Peace of mind.
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