We believe that data-transparency is built on trust. This means that the brand only sees the data that you allow them to see. By connecting your social accounts to Sylo and joining a brand's campaign, the brand will see data only on their brand's specific content. They will not see any data on organic content, or content you created with other brands.

Personal Instagram accounts: with this connection, we have read-only access to view content you post (stories not included), the amount of engagements those posts receive, and the follower count of your profile. When you post content for a campaign that you were invited to, we share the above data on those posts to the client who invited you to the respective campaign. Your data is not shared with anyone  else without your consent.

If you connect a Business account, we receive the data listed above, with the addition of impressions, reach, saves, and views on your posts. We’re also able to view data on Instagram Stories, which includes impressions, reach, replies, taps forward, taps back, and exits.

Additionally, we receive limited geographic and demographic follower data (aggregate age, gender, and location info of the people following your account).

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