You can invite a creator by navigating to the details tab within a campaign. Then, by clicking the invite button in the top right corner of list, a pop-up window will appear where you'll fill in the influencer's name and email. Once you hit "send" we'll send them an email invitation to join your campaign. 

If the creator is already a member of the Sylo community, the link in the email will take them to their platform where they'll be able to join your campaign and give you permission to view data on future branded content.

If the creator is new to Sylo, they'll be asked to register and connect their social accounts before they're able to join the campaign. We provide a simple step by step guide to connecting their accounts.   

We understand that some creators will be hesitant to share their data. If they request further information before doing so, we recommend sending them to our creator focused landing page or our creator FAQ

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